I just listened to this video by Susy Simc and I have to say that I'm sold on "designing my success" and her share of Earle Nightengale is spot on... 

I'd follow Susy's road map anywhere.... what do you think? 

I'm share this for sure!  By the way... YOUR ONLY GOAL SHOULD BE TO GET ALL IN.... then adjust and based on having the entire core products your next goal will be to reap the rewards of the training, and the benefits of the sales when you implement those lessons. 

My dear friend Lawrence Tam,Lawrence Tam Leader and Top Producer with Empower Network  a noted online marketer and pioneer "blogger" has shared this powerful story about a guy named Dave (he's the muscled up guy on the left.. giving Chad another growing leader here's his FB page ... and Dave's truly powerful Amway story... 

Now if you're like me; you're always seeking new and better sources of information. You know... "nuggets" as they say in the industry. Here's little hint about Amway... and Dave~ HA...ha... HAAAAAH... he's FINALLY MADE IT!  He's playing by Big Boy Rules... and he's brought hundreds of thousands of people like me with him~ 

Now.. here's an income disclaimer... Lawrence Tam one of Dave's original top line leaders took Dave's advice; and Lawrence obviously not your average Joe... made over a million dollars in less than two years.. with THIS SYSTEM... CLICK HERE and... I'm not going to spill it... I'll let you watch the video and you'll learn there... BUT I SHOULD WARN YOU! ... many members of my team have "PAID ATTENTION" and even though over the last two weeks I've been out of sight and out of mind because I have been blessed by following Lawrence and Dave's advice which has allowed my family to moved into a five bedroom home equipped with a sauna...the best looking yard in the town... and I'm working from home full time! (which is really part time because my work product works for me 24/7).... but as I was saying...

I have team members in Spain (this is Sharon one of my leaders in Spain), Canada, Greenland, Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, California, Tennessee, Georgia... oh hell... just about everywhere... and I'm just getting warmed up. I've partnered with "powerful" online leaders that can do it all.. like Brian Couch (here he is with me and the top Badass  Dave Wood) Brian Couch, David Wood, and Joe Chance at The Event... another Top Producing work from home entrepreneur that's learned from Dave, Lawrence and a bunch... (seriously a bunch) of others that share all they learn with anyone. But HERE'S THE GOLDEN NUGGET... if you get in TONIGHT AS IN RIGHT NOW AT THIS LINK    http://badasscontent.com/JoeDirectSignUp you will be able to have the most powerful tool for ANY BUSINESS and the training that will start you on super charged growth... Like Dave Wood.... ANDDDDDD.... SERIOUSLY URGENT INFO HERE:

you can become an affiliate for JUST $19.95 today... which will then ALLOW YOU A DISCOUNTED ENTRY TICKET TO THE MOST POWERFUL EVENT OF THE YEAR... empower network eventsIN THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY...... and for people in my team ... get your tickets TONIGHT... as the price is going to double and likely triple next week if THEY DON'T SELL OUT before then...   The last event as powerful as this one I went to... I met my current business partner Brian Couch at... and since that time he and I started "doubling" our sales... pretty much grabbing up exposure and become well known leaders. 

Ha.. and even more... I made MONEY AT THE EVENT... SAVE MONEY AT THE EVENT... AND GOT INSIDE INFORMATION ON FUTURE RELEASES..... so... as I said.. if you're serious about actually finding success... IT'S ALL ABOUT DOING WHAT THE 8 CORE COMMITMENTS SUGGEST... get all products, blog, get to events... tell people about what you're doing.. and bring people with you to the events.. and seriously TAKE THIS SERIOUS! ... it is powerful... don't believe me.. come meet me in Massachusetts where I live.. and I'll grill up a nice steak for you on my back porch, take you for a ride in my wife's Range Rover..and we can talk about how I made that all happen. But maybe you are simply satisfied by reading about other peoples success and just testing this and trying that... as opposed to taking a full blown investment in the system that's generated 13 millionaires in less than three years.   Yah.. sure... you probably won't make a million.. but wouldn't you be happy making $2,000 your first month like I did... then $5,000 and another $10,000  and more than $50,000 part time from home in just over a year...? then learning how to do that in a month... IT'S BEEN DONE... and I'm speaking from experience and of course here's our income disclaimer page... http://www.empowernetwork.com/income and I'd have to say I'm not an average person... so I typically don't work with "average people".... and if you're still reading my post.. you're not an average person... and I'd love to work with you because "you get it" and you're ready to make it happen! Trust me.. I know this from your behavior without even knowing your name. I know this because I too was like you. I followed a few blogs and the success of a few people over a few months before I was ready to have the courage to invest and get my own! That's the way this industry works... and that's how you too will find your way.. Just do it as they say! 

The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

Young Dave and Amway

Pretty awesome story ....

Open up to LEARNING.

If you love that video.. you will LOVE my 10 Videos on Marketing.
Starting up part time and how to do it ;)

See Video Here

Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam
- Facebook

The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

This post is one of the best I've seen out there.... 

Susy, demonstrates a top level understanding of how to use our powerful Empower Network Blogging system and I can't wait to see what she'll be doing with the new technology that I heard is coming out at the next event.... watch and see as it's in the works! 

Those of you that are still dragging your feet to take your business seriously... you need to step it up like Susy... before you know it... like me; you'll all have over 100 people that you brought into your business. But I assure you it's a lot easier to do when you are ALL IN AND HAVE ALL 5 OF THE CORE PRODUCTS!  and you GET TO EVERY EVENT!   Trust me... it doesn't "cost you anything" if you bought those things and you make just two all in sales... your money is right back and then the rest after that is all money in the bank! 

3 Steps To Start Up Business Success

All Right I know what you're thinking.  You've seen these types of articles before and none of them have led to the Holy Grail of start up business success.

There's certainly no shortage of information written or videos produced that cover this subject. 

So why is this one different?  Well for starters, this one's written by a Former Vice President of Sales (successful I might add), turned Entrepreneur who found out first hand how important having a system is to success.


But before I get into the meat, I need to  take a slight tangent.  Almost Every Entrepreneur (remember I was one of them) makes a common error when getting started.  Though this is  not a step to success, not heeding it could cause you failure.

It's the "I can handle anything/do everything syndrome".  Most people if they were ever Employees forget that Oranizations have Departments/Job Descriptions to handle different tasks.  Though it's unclear as to why Startup Businesses do it, most seem to think they could cover all the bases.

 Let's be honest shall we, there are only 24 hours in a day and even if you were  good at all of them, you couldn't possibly get them all done in a day.

Fortuntately for you, there's a concept called Outsourcing.  

Companies like Fiverr.com or Odesk.com offer just about any Outsourcing Services and best of all, at prices you could afford.  


All right that being said let's get back to the "Start-up business Success Steps".


Since Lists tap into our preferred way of receiving and organizing information here are the 3 Steps to Master:


3 Steps To Mastering Business Start Up Success

  1.  Capture
  2.  Traffic
  3.  Conversion


So lets break each down in a way that is definitive with principles that can be transferred into any business.  Whether you're a brick and mortar, Home based (MLM) business or in Internet Marketing, get these down and you'll be well on your way to reaching your goals.


Step 1: Mastering the Art of A Good Capture

What's a Good Capture you ask?  Well this is simply just Your Offer created in a way that provides value and allows you the opportunity to capture the prospect's contact information.  You should have a good understanding of your Target Market if your offer will resonate and get you leads.


Let's take a look at an example.  I have no alliances with the following page, however I found it online and thought it to be captivating.

The Offer here is pretty clear and the giveaway entices the Prospect to enter his contact information.  If your company was looking for someone to provide you social intelligence, perhaps you'd enter your information to start a FREE trial. They've successful captured a Lead.  It's that easy.


Unfortunately many people get stuck on this step, unclear on how best to structure their offer.


The Key: Get Specific On The Solutions your product offers and present tem in such a way that influences your prospective customers on a subconscious level.  


Fortunately once you know who your target market is and know the Product they're interested in, there are services that make creating capture pages relatively simple.  


My personal favorite is offered at http://www.leadpages.net.  Don't worry this is not an Affiliate link and I'm not getting paid for the endorsement.  I just believe that LeadPages  offers top notch capture and sales page templates that will work with any profession.


Here's a sample of a Basic LeadPages capture page:


To get the most effective conversion, it's best to focus on one specific product per landing page  so as not to dillute the message.  Here's an example of focusing on one product.



Here the Insurance Agency is offering a chance to save 40% on auto insurance in exchange for the Prospects' information.  Though I'm fairly certain that the company has other products, in this offer they're offering a savings only on their car insurance. Get it? 


On to Step 2...


Step 2: Mastering The Art Of Traffic

So now you've thought out your offer and have the capture page setup, it's time to get traffic to the site (aka: your ad).

This goal of this step is to get traffic as fast as possible so you could see if your ad works and will produce results.  Once you see that you have a winning capture page, it's time to Scale Up and get your ad in front of a larger audience. 

The Goal: Good producing capture page, on a scalable level,  getting consistent results.

Great you say, but how do I Generate Traffic?


This is always the million dollar question and I'll go on record to say that Generating Traffic is actually not that difficult once you know where to begin to look for it.   It's also important to have a winning capture page.  

Though these will be covered in subsequent blogs, suffice it to say there are a myriad of ways to generate on-line traffic.  From Facebook, to PPC (pay per click) ads, buy leads,  SEO on your Blog, to good old-fashioned mailings; though that's not exactly the topic here. 


Best Advice: Focusing on one strategy and mastering it is the best bet for long term success. 


If you're brand new and have never taken any Marketing Courses, I would strongly encourage you to invest in furthering your education.  Irrespective of your skills, online marketing is definietly a learned trait. 


There are plenty of good and not so good on-line courses and training systems on-line today, but which one will give you the best bang for your buck.


I guess I've been fortunate to have had prsonal experience with a few of them. The two that stand out most are MLSP and Empower Network.

Of course the question I get asked most by my peers and Clients is
"Which One is better"?


Though I can honesty say I am affiliated with both systems, my personal referal would be Empower Network.


The reasoning behind my decision is based on "content" they provide.  Though the MLSP system is a good start into getting your feet wet, The Empower Network offers a blogging system hosted for only $25/month, which I'm currently using to write this blog post, that gets you started in your business right away.


It's an easily customizable blog with a high Alexa ranking, which will help you promote your business and get found in the search engines.  


But beyond the blog, The Empower Network has put together Online Courses that cover mindset, as well as online strategies to show you how to market online.  Though the upfront fee may seem a bit steep, it's one of the best comprehensive courses for the money.   

Many other systems offer an array of courses on various topics, but they're sold seperately so the hundreds of dollars for each does eventually add up.


Show me more


Again this is a personal recommendation and as always I encourage everyone to check out their own options.


Ok, on to step 3...

Step 3: Mastering The Art Of Conversions

So you've got your capture page, have a reliable traffic source, now what?

The last step in business success is converting your prospects, i.e. making the sale. 


This is a difficult concept to "teach" and master because it requires you to have a skill in closing as well as positioning yourself as an expert in your topic.  This is something exceptionally difficult for those that may be new to an industry.  As we all know, Expert status comes from learned and taught experiences. 

It's here again that education and mentoring again come into play.  Furthering your education will greatly improve your communication skills and lastly help Influence the sale.


The Takeaway:  Learn - Do - Teach

As you learn a new skill, use it then teach it to others.  It's by actually doing what you've learned and then sharing/teaching it to others that you become seen as an expert and begin to see business success.

The goal is always to learn from the best, people that have achieved your desired success, which will allow you to grow. It's not a coincidence that it's said that your income will be the average of the closest four people around you.  

And lasty, be prepared for the common mistakes and don't let them discourage you.  Being an Entrepreneur is a challenge, often times with a big learning curve, but it should never deter you from not going for your dreams.


Sharon has designed a wonderful post touching on some very powerful methods for blogging. I have found that with solid kewyord research and a creative layout that you will increase you traffic as well. I truly look forward to Sharon's next post and all of her follow ups.

With that said anyone reading this will want to get all in with Sharon and me with Empower and focus a lot of energy in the Masters program. It shares various ways of outsourcing and building faster. As well you'll want to start picking up some tools that make the process more efficient and will start to grow your business much faster... 

This is my recommended tool for today... CLICK HERE ... to really learn the up to the minute keyword research.... you must know this if you ever intend on buyers finding your products.



5 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website Using Social Media!

Ways To Increase Traffic To Your website Using Social Media

There are many ways to increase traffic to your website using Social Media, sometimes you just don't really know where to start.  Here are some ideas on what I have learnt over the last few years and some of the stuff I use today.   Social Media is the key to successful blogging,  it's not enough to just have links from articles and blogs anymore.

 To rank well in the top of the search engines you must implement Social Media, some will cost you money and some won't.  Lets look over some of the ways to increase traffic to your website that are readily available to get you more traffic and ultimately help you rank higher.

Ways To increase Traffic To Your Website Using Social Media Automation - A little Black-Hat!

The following programs are social media automation generators which ultimately post out your content to numerous social media accounts which you have linked to their system.

WARNING! - Other account members will have their content posted by you also.  In these instances, the content can look spammy and it won't always be in your niche.  Make sure that when you set up the social media accounts that they are set up in someone else's name, a separate email address, and nothing representing you like images are entered into these social media accounts.  The only benefit for you doing this type of program is mass social signals, likes, follows etc, and this means higher rankings in the search engines with this it's a popularity contest and if you are popular, you get rewarded.

The top programs that are effective with this are:

  • Socisynd - 3 category pricing band starts at $12 pm
  • Linkluv - 5 category pricing band starts at $8pm
  • Socialadr - The beast of the 3 but expensive to get their social booster account currently is $49.95

All these programs are successful but i'm guessing that nothing much will happen with the cheaper pricing bands.  Remember the warning I told you about if you do decide to give one a shot.

Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website Using Social Media White-Hat

An automated Social Media Program that automatically publishes your content in the form of bookmarks is also possible and it's cheap if you are just starting out.  It's called Onlywire and it's a mere $5 per month for the pro which gives you up to 50 networks to publish your bookmarks to.

Audience Builder Pro

There is a new program out there that will get you automated social signals but without the worry of looking spammy.  It only promotes YOUR OWN content.  It incorporates a system called Onlywire and that with an Rss feed built up of several is then put through the system of thousands of blogs etc to get you "White-Hat" Social signals.  There is only ONE program like this currently and it is called Audience Builder Pro. The good thing with this program is, once it's set up you can forget about it.


If you have time then you can also have accounts with the Big 5 Social media sites.  But what I would say to you is if you are just starting out link to only 1 or 2 to begin with.  This is what I recommend you do to integrate Social Media directly onto your site.

  1. I have a Social Media "Follow Me" Plug-in bar on my home page, the options are endless now with which one to choose.  the one you see on my home page is add this "follow" plugin
  2. Then secondly have a floating social bar plug-in for each post so as the reader gets more of what they are looking for they will, like, follow your post, now look to the left, you will see mine which is quite effective and it's free from a company called Digg Digg.

The Big 5

Facebook - For Business, it is best to have a Facebook business page.  The difference is it keeps things separate.  Once you hit the 5000 friends on a personal page, you cannot add anyone else.  Personally it's better separate so you have your personal page for friends & family, your business page for your business.

Twitter - My only twitter page is where I connect with followers interested in the same things as me like internet marketing, social Media, SEO.

Google+ - This one is a new one of mine which is just getting going, but again just reguarly posting content to engage & adding new people.

Pinterest - is an image Social site.  What I do here is if you have great images that you think people might like then I link my website  image to my Pinterest Board.  If you click on one of my main post images you will see it will take you over to my Pinterest.

Youtube - If you want to be seen and not read then YouTube might well become your second home.  It will make an impact to any website if you want to be in front of the camera.  I personally have not implemented YouTube properly yet as i'm more of a writer but would like to do this in the future.

Of course to set up any of the Big 5 is Free, just follow the instructions on the site.

Thanks for reading my post on Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website Using Social Media, and hope you implemented some of the stuff shown to help you to rank.

One More important thing.......

Use An Authority Blogging Platform

Nowadays it is best to use an Authority Blogging Provider, I Use Empower Network for this.  This means I dont have to wait months for my blog to start to rank it already ranks high, PLUS Empower Network are ranked in the world on Alexa at 550 as I write this post.  Imagine what this can do for you, blogging on a platform ranked in the top 600 websites on the Planet.


To Your Success Today......

Share The Love below




Sharon x




So here’s the missing in action report on my It Work’s Reviews Marketing Strategy

it work's reviews for it works wraps

     First, a mention on the Diamond It Work’s distributors and other It works members that I have coached or will coach in the future. I have designed this review to give you some pointed action steps to increase your It Work’s reach to beyond the physical location of where you live. It is also meant to help you build a team of other It Work’s distributors that collaborate and lift each other higher and replace those missing in action marketing tactics with a marketing plan that will turn you into a successful home based entrepreneur.

If you are reading this blog post now make sure you read every word. In fact, you will also want read my other posts and find all of my YouTube videos as well. I reached the Top 50 earner status with the Empower Network, which by virtue of wearing thatred lanyardat my first event ever, establishes that I am a top-level marketer that can help you succeed. YOU CAN EVEN JOIN ME NOW BY CLICKING HERE

Joe With Brian Couch

     Yes this is a review for It Works distributors and people that are considering the body wraps by It Works. I mention that I’m a leader with Empower Network to establish that you want to not only read what I have to say but you will most likely want to get my coaching and Join My Team (EASY TO JOIN JUST CLICK THE BANNERS AND SIGN UP NOW).  You see body wraps are products that are sold in the channel of commerce to consumers by It Works independent business owners; also known as work from home entrepreneurs. Most It Works IBO’s or distributors in my review have joined It Works because they were seeking out a body wrap solution for their own personal interest. Then they were compelled to join It Works and to distribute the body wraps themselves to make extra money from home.

It Work’s fails to teach current 2014 marketing online strategies

So, my biggest observation as I’ve reviewed It Works and as I’ve coached It Work’s distributors is that the majority of distributors have no clue “how to market the body wraps products”. The It Work’s basic strategy is for you to take the It Work’s Body Wraps Blitz Card… go to a meet up meeting and exchange with the people there. Of course, they also expect you to reach out to your family and friends as most common dinosaur practices of most MLM companies. Why this is still being done in the MLM company culture simply does not make sense in light of the super systems of Empower Network marketing online with a blog or video marketing.

Why not learn how to reach thousands of people each day on line with It Work’s Body Wraps instead of a few people a month your way?

One of the amazing practices that I teach It Work’s distributors is how to build a sales funnel. This is essentially a marketing campaign that takes your It Works Body Wraps and announces to those seeking this solution that you are there and ready to hook them up. This screen shotshows a simple graphic that I put together that I use inside the Facebook advertising systems.It Work's Reviews It Work's Body Wraps For just $5.00 on Facebook, you can blast your graphic ad on It Work’s body wraps to wedding planners, newly engaged women, brides’ maids, photographers, caterers, and so on. All of those people make up one of the 4 C’s of marketing which is the community of people that would be interested in reading the It Work’s reviews or would like to purchase the It Works Body Wraps.

Using this simple tool which will only cost you about $30.00 CLICK HERE TO GET IT… you can collect the data of your perfect potential It Work’s customer. Then using the systems and the marketing techniques that I can teach you through coaching or you can learn on your own by merely buying the training modules here at Empower Network you will be able to start generating massive sales. I did find one It Work’s distributor that is doing a nice job with her online marketing. You can review her It Work’s materials by searching for her “Living the dream team” youtube channel here at https://www.youtube.com/user/LivingDreamTeam where she uses video marketing to generate interested viewers’ attention. Then the objective would be to “capture the leads” through various systems that I will teach you if you join my team. When you have captured those leads/prospects, the next goal will be to give them a “call to action” which is essentially to suggest either they become a distributor or they buy the body wraps from you. Or presuming you’d actually rather make 100 % commissions and not have to deal with a physical product you could instead simply become an affiliate marketer with me here at Empower Network and make between $25.00 and $3,000 per product sale. Do inquire with me about that after you have absorbed this brief It Work’s Body Wraps review.

For another example of a truly dynamic and successful home business, I suggest you CLICK HERE and watch the videos. If you enjoyed this It Work’s Body Wraps Review you may also like my post on how I help my team grow their Empower Network Home Business here. Please do follow up with me and know that I wish for you success and I enjoy helping others achieve that fast sales that I have been able to build as well.

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